MPM Fall 2010 Newsletter

 Hello Everyone!

Wow! What a time it’s been since my last newsletter! Many terrific things have been happening here in the last few weeks and I can’t wait to fill you in on them...


First of all, I am thrilled to announce my engagement to my best friend, first love, and the prettiest woman on earth, Martha Blake of Atlanta, GA. You may ask how this Texas boy ended up with this Georgia peach and the answer is Stamps-Baxter School of Music in TN. God had our paths cross there back in 2006 and our friendship has grown ever since.

I proposed back on September 13th and we will wed in Jacksonville, Texas on December 19, 2010. She has already blessed my life beyond words and it will be all the richer with her presence in this ministry. I know there is no one better to come alongside me in this Godly work and I look forward to introducing her to you at future concerts.
View pictures HERE

Rapture Rises...

Back in March of this year I was blown away to find that my debut radio release, “Jesus Savior, Pilot Me” went to the top of the charts in The Christian Voice Magazine and spent six months in the top ten. Now to follow up that honor, I’ve been informed that my newest radio song, “I’ll See You In The Rapture” is now sitting at the #1 position for the month of November! Your support and God’s blessings are beyond belief and I thank the Lord for you. Please continue to call your local DJs and request my music.

Check out the Christian Voice Magazine’s ads HERE


The news above is humbling all by itself, but I also received news that The International Association of Independent Recording Artists,, has awarded me the honor of a free membership. IAIRA is an organization that monitors songs from all genres of music worldwide that are recorded by independent artists such as myself. According to their organization, “I’ll See You In The Rapture” reached #77 in the world when weighed in all genres of music on an international scale. View the award HERE.

If you are a DJ and have not yet received my radio single, please contact me HERE.

Stimulus Packages...

Have you been waiting on yours? Santa Claus has done gone and brought some stimulus packages! This package deal makes the perfect gift for the Gospel music lover on your list.
10 CDs for $100!
Buy one of these package deals now and you not only have taken care of ten people on your shopping list, but they are great witnessing tools! Many people will never darken the door of a church or come to a concert, but they will pop in a CD.

This offer is only good through December 18th, so place your orders today!
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For more information about the Gospel Music Cruise to The Bahamas that I’m singing on February 5-10, 2011, CALL 865-278-3681.
Six day & five nights, starting at $549, everything included.

Homecoming Date Announced!

Mark your calendars early and hold March 12, 2011 for my Fourth Annual Homecoming Concert. It will feature myself, The Gospel Tones, and many more surprises, so don’t miss it! I’ll send more information in the MPM Spring 2011 Newsletter.

Congrats to Dad!

After nearly thirty years of public service and laying his life on the line, I’m proud to say that my Dad, James Pike, has been promoted to Assistant Chief of The Tyler Fire Department. I’ve always been proud of my Father and his commitment to his job and to his men. The excellence he strives for in his work is clearly seen.

If you’ve been to any of my concerts, you’ve probably seen my Dad helping set up equipment, running the product table, and taking part in the service sharing what’s on his heart. With my visual impairment, I could not accomplish my calling without the support of my parents and family and I am so proud and thankful for them all.

New Picture Galleries

I have added hundreds of new photos, several new galleries and updated bunches of albums over the last few weeks. If you want to see what all happens on and off the road, visit my photo galleries HERE!

Upcoming Concerts:

November 18, 2010 - Daisy’s - 5:00-8:00PM - Tyler, Texas
November 21, 2010 - People's Church, Pastoral Installation - 6:00PM - Jacksonville, Texas - Special guest speaker, David Dykes from Green Acres Baptist Church
December 16, 2010 - Central Baptist Church - 6:00PM - Jacksonville, Texas
December 19, 2010 - Wedding Day!!!
January 6-7, 2011 - Prison Revival
January 8, 2011 - Gospel Tones Concert - Texas
January 9, 2011 - Gospel Tones Concert - Texas
January 9, 2011 - New Faith Church - 7:00PM - Sacul, Texas - Gospel Tones Concert
February 5-10, 2011 - Bahamas Cruise
February 11, 2011 - TBA - Florida
February 12, 2011 - TBA - Florida
February 13, 2011 - TBA - Florida
February 13, 2011 - TBA - Florida
February 20, 2011 - Prison Concert
March 12, 2011 - MPM Fourth Annual Homecoming Concert, People's Church - 6:00PM - Jacksonville, Texas

I am already blocking off weekends well into 2011, so contact me HERE for booking information now.

Signing off...

So many blessings and not enough words to express God’s goodness in 2010! With everything shaking around us, I firmly believe that we all must remain centered in God’s Hand to survive the storms that are on the horizon. As wise stewards, we must prepare as though we’ll live a hundred years and live as though we’ll face eternity in the next second.

I pray that you choose to find time to be thankful at this time of year for all that you have been entrusted with and invest into something eternal. What echoes in eternity is all that matters. Prepare. If the Church is down, out, and caught napping, then what hope is there in this old world? Prepare to be a blessing. In times of trouble lives will need healing and people will run to the house of God once again for sustenance. Be there waiting with arms wide open and be on the surest footing you can find so that you may be a shelter.

As we move forward into 2011, I thank God for your part in my life and for your prayers that I will be an encouragement wherever I go.

May God continue to bless you this Thanksgiving and may we all bless God.

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