I was born one Sunday and in church the next, literally. Needless to say,   I was familiar with Christianity and the Bible. I’d heard the verse in 

Romans all my life that says, “All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.” One day it hit me that I, Miles Pike, was part of that “All.” I asked forgiveness and in the limited way I understood it at the time, I asked that Christ’s work would be credited to my account. The trajectory of my life has been different ever since. But honestly, on that day, I didn’t feel a radical difference. As I grew in my knowledge of God and His Word, I saw the changes in my heart and life and knew that only God could have done that.

A love for singing was very natural to me. Dad told me that this thing called puberty was coming, and that it would change my voice, among other things. When I was 12,  in two weeks my voice changed from a high soprano child voice to a low bass voice. By the age of 14, I had a 5-octave singing range. As with all gifts, thousands of hours of work went into making it palatable. I began attending Ben Speer’s Stamps-Baxter School of Music in Nashville in 2003. Touring full time nationally since 2006 the Lord has blessed with over 1,600 concerts in 43 states and Europe thus far.

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Being legally blind since birth. I see just enough to fool everybody. There’s no vision in my right eye and my left eye is narrow tunnel vision. Side effects include retinal migraines, inability to drive, light sensitivity, and I cannot move my eye side to side.

In 2006 I met my Martha for the first time. We were each other’s first love, first date, and we saved our first kiss for our wedding day. After four years of me long distance stalking, we married in 2010. Since then, I've been so blessed to travel with not only the prettiest girl living, but my best friend, pianist, chauffeur, joke-tester, and wisest counselor. We rejoiced in 2017 with the birth of Lillie, and then in 2019 God gave us twins - Charlie and Phoebe. They are true champs as they spend over half of their lives on tour with us.

Marriage has been a time of intense personal growth for us. Through health scares, family struggles, a sometimes anemic national church scene, and the rigors of travel, we have turned to the richness of God’s Word. We found the faithful work of men like, MacArthur, Keller, Zacharias, Sproul, Begg, Piper, Dever, Mohler, and many others, to be so very helpful. Under their influence, scripture memorization and study has been an integral part of our home, road life, and ministry.

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