"Miles' heart is so apparent from the initial phone call, to the preparations for the time of the concert, as well as follow-up. His call to this wonderful ministry is forefront in all that he does. In my more forty years of ministry, Miles is one of the very best with whom I've worked and presented in ministry concert. We look forward to hosting him again, soon."

   Don Parks - Music Minister, Central Baptist Church, Marshall, TX


   “Miles is as real and as transparent as he possibly can be. He sings for the Lord. He sings out of his joy for the Lord, but he sings in such a way that you can connect with every song he’s singing." 

   Donnie BarronPastor, First Baptist Church, Elkhart, TX


   "It was a privilege to have Miles and Martha Pike with us at Calvary Baptist Church of Cleburne, TX. It is still being mentioned that they were a highlight of our 2016 year. People of all ages loved their ministry, and my wife and I enjoyed getting to know them on a personal level. Real people serving the Lord!" 

   Lee WallaceMusic Minister, Calvary Baptist Church, Cleburne, TX


   "A gospel-centered concert with songs that serve to provide a biblical worldview. High quality, yet down to earth, with an entertaining approach that makes it feel like a worship service with the family. This is Miles Pike."

   Trey Etheridge, Pastor, Briarwood Baptist Church, Saline, LA


   "What sets Miles’ ministry apart is his genuine love for Christ’s people, His prominent use of God’s Word in his concerts, and His Christ-centered marriage which has a voice all its own."

   Will Costello, Pastor, Visalia Evangelical Free Church, Visalia, CA


   “Miles & Martha are genuine people, and devoted followers of Christ. For a church there is nothing more refreshing than experiencing worship led by genuine believers. For pastors there is nothing more appreciated than entrusting their church to capable and anointed leadership for a worship experience that they too may experience. Whether in song or by the Word, you will be grateful that you invited Miles & Martha to minister to your faith community.”

   Heath Kirkwood, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Lorena, TX


   "If you get an opportunity to have Miles and Martha Pike come to your church and do a concert, you will be blessed. We have had several different folks come in the past, some fairly well known people. But, I had several of our folks tell me that this was the best concert we have ever had."

   Max Martin, Pastor, Long Lake Baptist Church, Fairfield, TX


   "My experience with him personally has been above reproach. I have found him to be genuine in his Faith and Walk. He was completely sensitive to the wishes of myself and our church in his performance. He has demonstrated to me that he sincerely feels called to this type of ministry. I gladly recommend him to any church that wishes to have a talented singer as a part of their worship plans. If there are questions that I could answer, you can reach me at 417-861-0200."

   Arthur J. (Bud) Rogers, Pastor, Calvary Baptist Church, Exeter, MO


   "Miles shows the Spirit of Christ in his music as well as his business dealings."

   Ed & Rebecca Irwin, Grace Thru Faith Ministries


   "These days it seems the pool of talented Gospel artists just gets deeper and deeper.  So many young, talented singers are beginning to make their marks in Gospel music  and Miles Pike is one of them.  What sets Miles apart from the rest is his gift for communicating.  His personality comes through in everything he sings.  And you can tell when you hear him that everything he is singing has a personal meaning to him.  Combine a charming, witty, sometimes even goofy personality with an impressive vocal range (yes, he CAN sing quartets with himself) and you have the makings of an entertaining and uplifting concert."

  Tommy Cooper, Award winning producer and owner of AFAB Studio


   "I’ve been fortunate to get to know Miles and Martha Pike over the last several years. They are an exceptional team, not only through the music they make together, but also as husband and wife, and now, parents. Their story is one of learning to recognize and trust Jesus as the way, the truth, and the life that He claims to be, in and through all that life can bring, and their ministry has grown out of that shared experience.  They are a beautiful witness to the power of the gospel."

   Buddy Greene, Gaither Homecoming Artist and harmonica wizard


   There are those who sing, there are those who preach, and then there is Miles Pike who can do it all. I’m honored to call Miles and Martha Pike our friends and brother and sister in Christ. Talent only goes so far and there is plenty of it there but Miles works under the unlimited anointing of the Holy Spirit. The Pikes do ministry beyond the stage and truly answer the call to “love thy neighbor as thyself”.

   Casey Rivers, Vocalist with Canton Junction


   "My wife and I had the privilege of being able to attend one of his concerts. What I liked most about our experience was that the Gospel was clearly given throughout the entirety of the concert. Miles has been obedient to God’s Word by showing himself approved by the studying of the scripture and it shows forth in his life and ministry. It’s one thing to be able to sing and another to be able to preach, but to do both is a real gift. The Gospel should always be proclaimed in every aspect of a servant of God’s life and Miles does just that."

   Daniel Ashmore, Bass Vocalist for The Old Paths Quartet


   "Miles is a faithful Stamps-Baxter Alumni with a big smile, big vocal range, and a big love for Southern Gospel music! Miles has a true heart for ministry."

    Ben SpeerGospel Music Legend & Gaither Homecoming Artist


   "Miles Pike is a great singer and communicator.  His abilities exceed every audience's expectations.  More importantly, Miles is called as a witness for Jesus Christ, with or without music.  I call him my friend and recommend him without reservation."

   Allison Speer, Gaither Homecoming Artist


   "I always love working for Miles. He takes the scripture in Psalms 33 about playing skillfully and applies it to every detail of his music. That’s a lesson we all can learn from."

   Keith Compton, Audio Engineer


   "I've worked with literally hundreds of pastors/vocalists/musicians in my 33-year career as a studio bassist. Miles is in that small group of people who do everything to an exceptionally high standard. His talent as a singer is obvious, but his attention to detail behind the scenes and his huge heart for others are what set him apart. He's one of those guys you'll meet for the first time but feel like you've known forever. If only he had a sense of humor - just kidding! I've had the privilege of recording with Miles, and I look forward to more opportunities to work with him and his talented wife, Martha."

   Duncan Mullins, Nashville Session Player


   “Miles is a great guy who knows how to sing. God gives everyone a measure of talent and I’m glad that Miles is using his abilities to spread the good news of Jesus. If you’ve ever been in concert with Miles, you know how talented he is!”

   Mark Bishop, Gospel music artist and songwriter


   "As a producer in Christian music and host of a worldwide Christian radio show, it is hard sometimes to get excited about new artists and their music. Most of the time it sounds all the same, nothing new. Then along comes someone like Miles Pike. His sound and style just knocks you out. His music is fresh,and definitely has his own style. You meet people in the Christian music industry who proclaim to be doing this for the Lord, soon you find out it tends to be more about them than God, not so, with Miles Pike and his family. This young man truly is doing it for the right reasons. He is chose to serve Jesus and in my opinion, Christ couldn't find a better or more loyal servant than Miles Pike. He is what Christian Music Ministry is all about!! I am proud to have Miles in this industry and as my friend."

    Tommy Smith, Country Gospel Music Artist & President/CEO - Canyon Creek Records


   “Miles has worked on numerous occasions with us and his ministry is phenomenal and always doctrinally sound. When Miles Pike came and performed at our church, the house was packed and Miles received two standing ovations along with eager invitations to return from the whole crowd. We plan to invite him back many times in the coming years. A concert with Miles Pike will be the highlight of the year with any church who hosts him.”

   Debra White Smith, Author/Speaker


   "The ministry of Miles Pike is one which covers not only music, but sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. Miles' presentation of both is most professionally delivered (even including his humor) and will be enjoyed by all ages. His music is directed at bringing glory to the Almighty God through the name of Jesus Christ, and he most humbly shares his God-given talent to the fullest."

   Pam Rains, Texas


   “Combining passionate affection for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, along with the certainties we find in scripture, Miles has demonstrated each time I’ve seen him in concert what it means to worship deeply in both spirit and truth.”

   David Barnard, Louisiana


   "Miles has an artistry that is authentically sincere. His voice is excellent; a wonderful blend of smooth, effortless tones accompanied by a tremendous versatility in range. In addition to his extaordinary talent, he engages his audience 
in a refreshingly accessible way with humor and a clear appreciation of the gospel.
With his beautiful and talented wife Martha at his side, the Pike family will nourish your soul and turn your hearts to the Creator with their unique concerts.
I have followed them for almost a decade now, and am always awed by the anointing God has placed on them and their pursuit of excellence in their ministry."

   Marjorie Lombard, Louisiana


   "God's word through your songs deeply affected me last night. I felt like I had been through the washing machine when I left. Thank you!"

   K. Runnels, Louisiana


   (shouted from the audience of a Miles Pike concert) "That's better than snuff!"

    Jim Buckley, first-time audience member, Texas


   “Honestly, he just keeps getting better and better. Miles puts a great deal of thought into the material he wants to include on each album and each album has a theme. Miles has a pretty identifiable vocal sound and he’s able to deliver great vocal performances in a variety of styles. So, I guess what’s unique is his ability to do that, whereas some artists are clearly better suited for certain styles than others. Miles has an unusually wide vocal range, so each of his albums features at least a few songs in which he sings all four parts of a quartet. The listener may also notice that he sings some of his solo lead vocals in a low tenor range, some in more of a baritone range, and then ones that has a bass lead. And he’s able to pull it off quite well.  Not every singer out there can do that. Miles has already shown what success an artist can have in a relatively short period of time. I’ve seen him grow a lot musically in the time I’ve worked with him. I’ve also seen him develop into a more complete artist. He’s not afraid to try something different; at least, different for him. But I think the real charm of Miles Pike is his personality. I’ve seen him perform live and he really connects with audiences. His genuineness makes it feel as if one is listening to a friend, rather than an artist. I think that comes out in his recordings, too. Miles also has a very good feel for choosing to record material that people want to hear. Four consecutive #1 singles from a relatively new artist is a pretty strong testament to that.”

   Tommy Cooper, Tennessee


   "Our family has very much enjoyed attending Miles Pike concerts. Even our youngest children say they love his singing! And it’s no wonder he has so many loyal fans; Miles has an impressive voice with a 5 octave range! Miles’ wife, Martha, is amazing on the piano and adds her own special touch to the music. The wide variety of great songs, and Miles’ radiant personality always keeps things fun and interesting to watch. But the best part about his concerts is in between songs when Miles shares his strong faith, and talks about Jesus and the Scriptures. His message is always well spoken, and touches people with its truth and authenticity."

   Jamie Stasen, Texas


   "My wife and I have attended several of Miles and Martha Pikes’ music concerts.  In their work, several things especially stand out. While the music is well done, it is clear that their purpose is not just to entertain, but to impact lives for Christ.  They sing songs of spiritual substance.  You will see Miles depth of knowledge of the Bible’s teaching as he talks about the songs he sings.  It is also a joy to watch Martha as she focuses on what Miles is doing in front of the audience and is prepared to lend her support to him in any way that will enhance the effectiveness of his presentation.  They are humble, effective tools for Christ’s work as they travel singing for Him."

   John and Linda Bloom, Texas


   "I have been a Miles Pike music groupie for well over two years. His spirit filled message along with his singing talent never fails to move and inspire everyone fortunate enough to attend a concert. The beautiful piano medleys played by his lovely wife Martha are always a special treat.  If he and his wife are ever performing within driving distance of your home or church be sure to go.  You will be richly blessed and glad you went."

   Gary Gray, Texas


   "His music ministry emanates his Love of the Lord! You feel that Love while listening to Miles’ sing! And his humor is not bad, either!”

   Becky Byrd, Texas


   "When we first heard and met Miles & Martha Pike, we knew immediately God had blessed this couple with love for Him, each other, and an abundance of talent. When Miles begins to speak about his love for God and our Savior, he is so sincere. Miles can sing from the highest note to the lowest note and never change expression.  Much of his backup is actually Miles singing all vocal parts. It is amazing. We never miss an opportunity to see and hear Miles & Martha. We have enjoyed back-to-back concerts and so look forward to their next engagements in our area."

   Ann & Roland Kelley, Texas

   "Your Timeless Songs CD is fabulous! I get goose bumps! You wake me up on the way to work, and calm me down on my way home after a hard day at work."

   Betty Thompson, owner of Miles' hymns project - Texas