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 Hey Everybody, 

Spring has sprung, and although it has been hotter than usual, East Texas hasn't 
been nearly as dry as last year, so our garden is perky and productive. Gardening isnot only a great way to help make ends meet and be frugal, but it's an amazing process to watch -- gives us a better understanding of our Creator, first of all, but also of the miracle of new life, regeneration, a dead seed producing a bountiful harvest, and just how much hard work, time, and water has to go into each single plant in order for it to produce.
With nearly 40 concerts behind us this year, we are in full swing and God is blessing. Let's get you caught up on the happenings here at Miles Pike Music.

A New CD Just Walked In
Since the last newsletter, I've been having an amazing time singing the new songs off of "Walk Through The Pages." They are fun, uplifting, and going over wonderfully in concert. Many have already participated in the 12-day song by song devotional that Martha and I prepared to deepen the experience of this musical journey. If you have your copy of the CD but were not aware of the devotional, click here to view it and start your walk.

We love to have feedback from listeners and audience members, so please take a moment to message us and tell us what your favorite song is off the new album. If you don't have your copy yet, click HERE to visit our secure online store.

2012 is half over and most of our available dates are filled, so we are looking into 2013 already. Click here to contact us and find out how to schedule a concert for your area.

 Amazing Debut!
The debut radio single from "Walk Through The Pages" is "Teach Me To Love Like That". The response to this song is very much the response I had when I first heard it. It is a beautiful track, a profound lyric, and a convicting message that kind of gets stuck in your head. For the month of May, the song debuted on the Top 100 Christian Voice Magazine Country Chart at an amazing #22! That is an incredibly strong sign of growth and support from radio stations and fans. If this song does nothing but that, I am thrilled and pleased at what I see God orchestrating. My prayer is that this four-minute musical sermon stirs the hearts of all believers who hear it.

 Voting Update
I was honestly surprised to find out a few days ago that I'd been voted into the top 10 in two categories in the Diamond Awards -- "Sunrise Award" and "Christian Country Male Artist" This is now the second round of voting, so if you'd like to vote, just click here

Let me just give you an update on the voting that you all were so kind to do back in March. You nominated me in the Top 5 in 5 categories: "Favorite Male Artist," "Favorite Soloist," "Favorite Album," "Favorite Song," and "Favorite Website." Those 5 nominations were a great blessing considering that there were only 7 categories that I was eligible to be nominated in. Even though I was not the recipient of any awards this year, I am more than appreciative to have been listed alongside the great names that I was. Thank you for your voting and efforts in sharing it with your family and friends.


Upcoming Events
May 27, 10:30AM, Noonday UMC, Flint, TX
May 28, 7:00PM, Cowhorn Creek, Texarkana, TX
May 30-June 9, AFAB Studio - Recording "Blood Kin", Nashville, TN
June 7, 10:30AM, The Waterford, Nashville, TN
June 9, 2:30PM, Windlands East, Madison, TN
June 22, 11:00AM, First Methodist Church, Lawrenceville, GA
June 23, 1:00PM, The Scarlet Thread Fundraiser, Loganville, GA
June 24, 10:30AM, Belmont Baptist Church, Conyers, GA
June 24, 6:00PM, Lake Oconee Chapel, Buckhead, GA
June 28, 12:00PM, Cannon Church, Snellville, GA
July 8, 10:00AM, Lake Area Church, Frankston, TX
July 15, 6:00PM, Landmark Baptist Church, Tyler, TX
July 19, 11:30AM, Friendly Baptist Church, Tyler, TX
July 25, all-day, UAN Network, Dallas, TX (TV recording)
July 26, 12:00PM, Royal Haven Baptist Church, Dallas, TX
July 29, 10:30AM, Royal Haven Baptist Church, Dallas, TX
July 30, 2:00PM, Wellington Parke, Oklahoma City, OK
July 31, 2:00PM, Cedar Ridge, Broken Arrow, OK
Click here for a complete concert schedule and event details.
Keep an eye on the website for more events that aren't confirmed yet but will be added soon!

to my parents' miniature horses, Jack and Harley! Jack turned six on April 18th and Harley turned five on May 17th. It was party hats and honeybuns for them. Can't say that I got anything sweet…just them.

 Schedule Your 2012 Summer Music Lessons
Martha and I will be out of state recording and on tour for the month of June. Come July, summer will be in full swing and many of our summer students will be returning. Click HERE for information about scheduling your private voice or piano lesson.

 In The Studio… Again
We're leaving next week to start our June tour, and one of the first stops will be at AFAB Studio in Nashville, TN. We will be recording the vocals on my fourth CD recording, "Blood Kin." This project is slated for a Fall 2012 release. This CD will include 5 songs from the pen of my Dad, James Pike. It will also feature special guest background vocalists: my wife, my Mom, my aunt Sheila, and … brace yourselves… even my Dad. The theme of this CD is near and dear to my heart, and I believe it will resound in the heart of every believer who hears it, regardless of denomination, background, race, color, or upbringing.

This CD will be featured at my 6th Annual Homecoming Concert on March 2, 2013, at 6PM. To underscore the theme of this CD -- that we as a family of believers are all saved by the same means and going to the same place -- I am introducing my first Homecoming Choir. It will feature almost 100 people from dozens of churches all over the East Texas area who have come together to make a statement of unity and join their voices as one to back me up on some of the new songs from the Blood Kin project. The available spots are already nearly half filled up, so if you are interested in joining this special group, click here for details and to commit to join your voice with all the others, not as a representation of any denomination, but as a representation of the body of Christ.

Homecoming 2013
The 5th annual homecoming concert this year featured Mark Bishop, and was a huge success. However, we more than outgrew our venue of four years in Jacksonville, TX. In effect, we have outgrown Jacksonville, seeing as how there are not that many venues that can hold an event of this size with room to grow. After a month of prayer and counsel, we have unanimously decided to move the annual homecoming concert to Colonial Hills Baptist Church on South Broadway in Tyler, TX. I am a country boy from Jacksonville, but my mission and my heart is to reach the whole East Texas area. With that in mind, I welcome the move to Tyler for many reasons, a few of which are:
✹ Tyler is a large city, centrally located, which offers exponential growth to the event for many many years.
✹ The church is as close to Jacksonville as possible while still being in Tyler -- located on the south side of the city.
✹ Tyler offers a much larger choice of restaurants and hotels.
✹ Moving the annual event to this location will open up the possibility of a much larger fan attendance from surrounding cities without excluding Jacksonville.
✹ Having ministered at the beautiful facilities of this church and worked with the Godly, professional leadership, I welcome the partnership between our two ministries.
Please mark your calendars in advance, invite a friend, bring the family, and join us for this very special night.

These need no explanation, but I came across them and thought I would share...

On that note... let me know what your favorite old hymn of the church is. It has to be over 100 years old, and I'd like to know why it is your favorite. The second installment of the Timeless Songs collection is already in the planning stages. Even though it's a ways down the road, it takes a long time to get projects together, so I'd like your input.

Miles and Mar's Devotional - Vol. III
The title cut from the new CD, "Walk Through The Pages," is a song written by my Dad, James Pike. It maps out the entire premise of the CD. I've had the opportunity to visit the Holy Land twice in my life. As a believer, it was an experience that went beyond just what I saw to what I felt. It completely changed the way I read and understand the culture and landscape in which the Bible plays out. Click HERE to view pictures from my trip.

Even though I hadn't recorded a single CD at that time, a dream was birthed in me. I didn't know how or when, but I wanted to record a CD that would make the listener feel and experience a little bit of what I did in the Holy Land. This song is one that I asked my Dad to write years after our trip to Israel, as the key song for the CD that I dreamed of recording.

You may never get to walk where the Savior trod
But you don't have to go that far to see the hand of God
For if you'll look back on your life
You'll see what God can do
You'll see that He has walked through the pages with you

Because of what Christ did for us during His short time on earth, He no longer dwells in a temple, His works are no longer limited to a short strip of land on the Mediterranean, and He is no longer solely the God of the Jews. The veil of the Temple has been torn, the works of Christ are presently being done through all who believe on Him, and all nations have available to them the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Many of the religious crowd even now still seem to say, "Show us a miracle. Show us the hand of God". But a changed life, a regenerated spirit, a personal walk with the God of the universe, these things are the greatest evidence of God's hand that you will ever witness on either side of heaven.

Through the pages you will see
A loving God and Savior
Our glorious Redeemer
And soon coming King
It's the ongoing story
Of redemption's history
Just take a look through the pages and you'll see

From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible reveals the past, present, and future history of God's plan of redemption. Just as in the pages of Scripture, so the life of a believer also reveals God's redemptive plan, purpose, and provision. "It's the ongoing story of redemption's history" -- redemption has a past history, but it is still happening today, and it is soon to be completed. "A loving God and Savior" refers to redemption's past. The past story of redemption is that of the Creator who loved his creation and pursued reconciliation through the means of becoming our Savior. That work has been completed. "Our glorious Redeemer" points to the fact that in this present time, the door is wide open to any person who will accept the Savior and be redeemed. The redemptive message of the Gospel is what all Christians profess to believe and need to be earnestly sharing with this world while the door is yet open. "And soon coming King" speaks of the near future which holds the promise of a King who will come again to complete the work He began. He has already defeated evil, but upon His returning, He will destroy it and bring a resounding victory to all those ransomed by His blood.

Jesus walked upon this earth with mortal man
And if He really lives within us He is walking here again
Yes you can walk where Christ is walking
Making history
And when you look through the pages you'll see.

The identifying mark of all Christians is that that our spirits have been made alive and the Spirit of Christ now indwells us all and empowers us to live "self-controlled, upright, and godly lives in the present age" (Titus 2:11-14). "If He really lives within us, He is walking here again" … wow, that's a hefty thought. Romans 8:9-10 speaks of this very concept. In effect, if you are a Christian, the empowering Spirit of Christ has come in, cleaned house, moved the furniture in, and you are now His permanent residence. So how are we then to live? What does this new owner desire of us and give us the power to do? Ephesians 4 is a 1-chapter explanation of how Christians are to live "a life worthy of the calling we have received" (Eph. 4:1). From verse 25 on to the end of the chapter, we see a simple depiction of how we are to live. Many feel that if they apply these principles to just a few situations per week, they are doing better than the next guy and so their Christian duty is fulfilled. But I challenge you to write down in your own words, a summary of what these few verses are saying. Then, for a week, consciously view every situation around you through the lens of what you've written down. Realize that "He really lives within us," and so therefore, the power to do everything in these verses lives in you. In the words of Yoda "Do or do not. There is no try."

Now you know part of what runs through my head when I'm singing on stage. Minus the Star Wars reference. 

Go and live it! (And go buy the CD!)

In Christ,

Miles & Mar


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