Sixth Annual Homecoming In Tyler!

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Regardless of how 2012 treated you, 2013 is already well upon us, so let us do as Paul said -- forget those things which are behind and press on to those things which are ahead. Thank you for being a part of this newsletter, and for keeping up with us and praying with us as we go wherever the Lord may lead. Below you will find some updates from the past year and some news for the future. Be sure to read all the way to the bottom for a special offer. Now let's get going!

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Read the interview by SGM Radio with me and my producer, Tommy Cooper, about my latest CD, "Blood Kin," taking a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the project.Download a printable Homecoming flyer HERE!

I've been nominated again for some awards! If you would like to cast a ballot, click the VOTE button on my homepage.

The devotionals that we write for this newsletter have been picked up by SGM Radio Blog as "Pike's Point."

SGM Radio also asked me to write a bimonthly article where I will interview Gospel Music artists on various topics, so go sign up for their feed and keep an eye on all the Gospel music news there!

Since I have just finished up two projects, is there a song that you'd like to see me record? What's your favorite that I've already recorded? We'd love to hear your thoughts.

Would you be willing to be a volunteer worker at Homecoming on March 2? We need a few people to help in some areas. Give us a call if you're interested.

You nominated me…
We found out January 2, 2013, that I have been nominated for several different awards including "Favorite Male Vocalist," "Favorite Album," and "Favorite Song" in the Country Gospel Music Fan Awards and the Southern Gospel Music Fan Awards. Please take a moment to visit my website and cast your vote. The deadline to vote is January 31.

We are so excited about the sixth annual homecoming concert, which is just a month away now! With everything going on in this particular homecoming, I've been run a bit ragged trying to get everything in order for the big night. I am looking forward to it so much, and I know it will be worth the effort. This homecoming will not be in Jacksonville, as it has been for the past four years. This is my hometown, and it was always my intent to keep the homecoming concert in Jacksonville. However, last year saw us outgrow one of the largest venues in Jacksonville, and we were forced to look at other options that would allow for growth. We have moved the event to Tyler, TX, which is just up the road from Jacksonville, but is a much larger town. Colonial Hills Baptist Church will host the sixth annual homecoming on March 2, 2013 at 6PM. The church's address is 7330 S Broadway Ave, Tyler, TX 75703. For non-Tyler natives, that is South Tyler, right on Highway 69.

I believe this promises to be the most memorable homecoming to date for many reasons. Gaither Homecoming Artist, Larry Ford, will be my special guest. Larry and I will be backed up on select songs by over 80 volunteers representing more than 40 unique churches from all over the East Texas area. This group of volunteers comes together to be a visible representation of the unity of the body of Christ. If you are in driving distance, you do not want to miss this amazing evening of music and worship. We can't wait to see all of you - old friends and new friends - our brothers and sisters in Christ. All are welcome, and a freewill offering will be received. Doors open at 5:00PM, so come early for the best seats.

Shoot me a quick email to request some Homecoming flyers if you would like to invite your church, family, or Sunday School class.

Event Schedule:
January 31 6:00PM Prison Concert Rusk, TX
February 1 6:00PM Prison Concert Rusk, TX
February 9 7:00PM Grace Bible Fellowship - Valentine's Banquet Canton, TX
February 10 10:00AM Grace Bible Fellowship Church Canton, TX
February 10 6:00PM Shady Grove Baptist Church Emory, TX
February 17 8:30AM Colonial Hills Baptist Church Tyler, TX
February 17 11:00AM Colonial Hills Baptist Church Worship Service Tyler, TX
February 17 6:00PM Calvary Baptist Church Jacksonville, TX
February 23 6:00PM Tyler Area Senior Citizen's Association (TASCA) Whitehouse, TX
March 2 12:00PM Homecoming Choir Practice at Colonial Hills Church Tyler, TX
March 2 6:00PM 6th Annual Homecoming at Colonial Hills Baptist Church Tyler, TX
March 5 6:00PM First Baptist Church Bullard, TX
March 8 7:00PM Long Lake Baptist Church Palestine, TX
March 10 10:15AM Lakeview Nazarene Church Tyler, TX
March 28 11:00AM Green Acres Baptist Church Tyler, TX
March 31 10:30AM Grace Fellowship Church Ben Wheeler, TX
March 31 6:00PM First Baptist Church Flint, TX
April 5 6:30PM Dove Creek Cafe Roanoke, TX
April 6 7:30PM The Chateau McKinney, TX
April 7 10:30AM Central Baptist Church Lancaster, TX
April 7 11:30AM Central Baptist Church Lancaster, TX
April 8 11:15AM Cottonwood Estates Plano, TX
April 10 11:30AM UA Network TV Recording
April 12 4:00PM Pinewood Hills Flower Mound, TX
April 13 11:30AM The Bentley Dallas, TX
April 14 10:30AM Royal Haven Baptist Church Dallas, TX
April 21 10:30AM Pierces Chapel Assembly of God Special Music Jacksonville, TX
April 21 1:00PM Pierces Chapel Assembly of God Concert Jacksonville, TX
April 21 6:00PM Prison Concert Diboll, TX
April 28 10:30AM Lookout Valley Nazarene Church Jacksonville, TX

Complete schedule of events here.

Be On The Lookout!
This next week, my first radio release off of "Blood Kin" will be going out to hundreds of radio stations nationwide. Call your local DJ and request "October Harvest." This is a very personal song for me -- it is the story of my Aunt Sheila and my late Uncle Alton. Fittingly, Aunt Sheila (Ana) and my Mom (Kim), are providing the tight family harmony in the background vocals as they did in my first song, "Jesus, Savior Pilot Me." If you are a DJ and you do not receive Canyon Creek Record's compilation and would like the song sent to you, contact me with your mailing info.

Lighter Moment
In view of the gun control debate...

On a more serious, but still funny note...

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Miles & Mar's Devotional - Volume VII
A few years ago, my Dad took pen in hand and wrote a song that I couldn't wait to record. "Blood Kin" was the recording on which it fit so well. The song, "I Made Time For You," is fun and peppy, and it has a great message that Martha and I would like to expound upon for a few moments. The chorus goes like this:

I made time for you to find out who I am;
I made time for you to seek me while you can.
I'm not so far away that I can't be found;
I made time for you when I made the world go round.

Our time here on earth is made up of a string of moments that are opportunities to seek, find, know, and enjoy God here on this earth. Some seek God out of fear of the judgement to come. Some seek out of guilt. Some seek out of extreme need. No matter what the reason that you seek God, He has promised that those who seek will find. He wants to be found, otherwise, no person ever could find him. He wants to be known -- that's why He created in the first place! At all times, in all places, God is revealing Himself, not just to His children, but to all people (Romans 1:19, Acts 14:17).

I've heard it said that an atheist can't find God for the same reason that a thief can't find a policeman: "He don't want to." That's the way all of us have been at some point with God. I say that and think, "Yes, back when I was an unbeliever." But even today, after many years of being a Christian, I often find myself in the middle of a pity party, seeing only gloom and doom. I feel myself slipping into my own private little corner, hunting my own personal fig leaf. Finding God, or God finding me, isn't the top of my priority list at that moment. In this modern, super-secular world, physical nakedness is becoming less and less of an issue, but spiritual nakedness is just about as uncomfortable as it ever was. I'm so glad that, like in the Garden of Eden, God still comes seeking after me even when I'm hiding from Him.

As children of our Heavenly Father, our relationship with God is similar to any relationship we have on this side of heaven. That which makes a bad relationship on earth, makes a bad relationship with God. That which makes a good relationship on earth, makes a good relationship with the Eternal One. If Martha and I just co-existed in the same house, but lived as though we were single, confining our time together to Sunday morning, frankly put, we would have a crappy marriage!

I promised Martha before we got married that I would always honestly tell her anything that she asked. I had no idea what I was in for. I've at times slightly regretted making such a broad agreement. I've had to reveal things that I wasn't exactly proud to be thinking. Before you start wondering about my dirty laundry, just remember you have your own pile. It has been sometimes an uncomfortable blessing to have a spiritually strong person who knows me so well, who will out of love be brutally honest with me and hash out the good, the bad, and the ugly. Sidenote: I'm not talking about nagging or harassment, but a healthy love for one another that desires to skim the dross off the top. C.S. Lewis said, "Love is more sensitive than hatred itself to every blemish in the beloved… Love forgives most, but condones least: Love is pleased with little, but demands all."

That's the case in a godly marriage, and that is much more so the case in our relationship with our Heavenly Father. Seeking after Him personally, means that He is personally seeking after us (Psalm 27:8), and in the process, will personally sanctify us. God doesn't have a "don't ask, don't tell policy," and He doesn't make appointments with us for when He decides to work on us. With David we can say, "You hem me in, behind and before, and lay your hand upon me" (Psalm 139:5). He is always with us, and is constantly perfecting us in love.

His Word is quick and powerful and sharper than any two edged sword, and it cuts deep into the the core of who we are. Though His wielding of this instrument is sometimes painful, it necessarily and compassionately carves away at the smelly, decaying carcass of our body of sin (Romans 6:6). How often do we find ourselves wondering "Where did this situation come from?" "Why is this person in my life?" or "What am I doing here?" As Christians, we must take the Word of God at its word when it says that God is in control. Whether a circumstance seems good or whether it seems bad, at all times we can say with David, "Even there your hand shall lead me, and your right hand shall hold me." (Psalm 139:10).

"In every place I look are glimpses of His face;
In all the good and simple things are echoes of His grace."

This second verse of the song is our encouragement to you: Realize that as a child of God, all circumstances in your life are invitations to know God better, and are avenues by which you can see His hand at work. Approach every person and every situation with the full assurance that God will work in the midst of it all to draw you closer. He's not so far away that He can't be found. He loves us as we are, so put down the fig leaf and don't walk; run to Him!

As a special gift to you who read this devotional, I want to offer you a free download of the song on which this devotional is based. 'I Made Time For You.' All you have to do is email your name, city, state, and a comment to

Thanks for reading! Now cancel your plans to watch the evening news and make time for God. I can already tell you the news is gonna be bad anyway.

See you on down the road,

Miles & Mar

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