MPM Summer 2011 Newsletter

 Hello Friends!

It's great to be able to write to you once again with updates about what's been happening! This has been the busiest year yet for Miles Pike Music and it's only filling up more as the phone continues to ring. God is blessing our efforts and there is much to report!
We've had several great opportunities to minister in various places and I'll try to sum up some of the high notes. Back in April I was in concert with Triumphant Quartet and we had a blast with them and our good friends, Laverne & Glenda Grant!
The last part of April into the first part of May, we attended the The Country Gospel Fanfest and The Southern Gospel Fanfair, both held in the majestic Smokey Mountains in Pigeon Forge, TN (more about these events below).
I will also be performing my very first wedding towards the end of July for a friend of mine. It's so nice for my family and I to be able to reach out in so many ways through all the ministries of Miles Pike Music. We are certainly never bored and it works great with my ADD!

Hot Off The Presses!
I just received a call that I've been nominated for Favorite Crossover Artist Of The Year from the ICGMA, (International Country Gospel Music Association)! This is not a fan based voting process and will be determined by members of the organization and the industry. It comes as an unexpected honor to be in the Top Five and I should have the results sometime in August. The Top Five ballot for this year is:
- The Aikens
- Buddy Jewel - Nashville Star Winner
- The Dalton Gang
- Miles Pike
- Psalm 100
ICGMA is the second oldest Gospel music awards show in the United States, only one year younger than its competitor. Thanks to for their trust and friendship!

What Is He Saying???

Alright, you guys! Here's the deal! I want your best, funniest, most creative caption for
this picture. I have kinda become notorious around here for being hard to get a good picture of, much less while singing my socks off. The hard part of this contest was to pick just which Kodak moment was slightly more worthy than all the rest. On AUGUST 1, I will select my favorite submission and here's what you get…

1. You will receive the VERY FIRST EVER digital copy of one of the songs off of my new project coming out in the next few months!

2. Your winning entry will be posted on the homepage of my website!

3. Your name will be announced in the next issue of my newsletter!

4. You will be known throughout the civilized world for coming up with an explanation to my face!

One entry per person and no submissions will be accepted after July 31. Get your entry in today and be original, inspired, and funny!

Two Awards, Two Genres
To some this may be old news, but this happened shortly after I sent out my Spring newsletter. As I mentioned above, I participated in The Country Gospel Fanfest and The Southern Gospel Fanfair earlier this year. It was a great time of meeting new friends and catching up with old ones. During those events, I shared the stage with The Freemans, Tommy Smith, Tony Gore & Majesty, The Nelons, Triumphant Quartet, and many more.
For those of you who voted, I have to extend a hearty "THANK YOU" for your persistence in voting in each round! This being a strictly fanbased voting process it was a tremendous surprise and a humbling experience to receive the "Male Horizon of 2011" award in the Country Gospel Music Fan Awards. The following week, I was honored to be invited to sing on the night of the Southern Gospel Music Fan Awards. I was flabbergasted when they called my name for the "Young Excelling Individual of 2011" award that night.
Being welcomed into both genres so soon, and back to back like that was a blessing beyond words. I regard it as a high honor from you all and also as a pat on the back from my Heavenly Father. I believe we are busy doing His will and this is just a part of all the favor He has bestowed upon MPM.
View the awards

My New Booking Agent…
I am thrilled to announce that MPM has a new, full-time booking agent on staff. For all these years, it's been a stressful and busy load to do what I do AND try to manage an office, booking calls, and road logistics. I've prayed and sought for someone to help me with that and God saw fit to send someone who is not only able to handle it professionally, but does it with a smile as unto the Lord.
I met her five years ago this month and never dreamed that she would be the one to step into the role, but I thank the Good Lord for her every day. I happened to have married her six months ago and she is filling so many holes and making her presence known in this family, this ministry, and in the hearts of all those she works with. I am grateful to my wife, Martha, for doing such a great job with all the affairs that this organizations entails.
You will not only find her on the other end of the phone line when you need something from us, but she is often my transportation, my pianist, the music before the concerts, the smile behind the product table, the altar call accompaniment, an adored piano teacher for many young and some not so young pupils, and she always has my back to be sure that I get everything done that I need.
I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to not just my wife, but my helpmate. Be sure and hug her neck at our concerts and if you need to book a concert, here is all her contact information.

Office - 903-586-8605
Cell - 903-393-2484
Email -
Miles Pike Music
3110 County Road 1905
Jacksonville, Texas 75766

Upcoming Concerts
July 17 - Kilgore, TX - 8:30AM & 10:00AM - St. Luke's United Methodist Church
July 24 - Jacksonville, TX - 11:15AM - St. John's United Methodist Church
July 30 - Wedding
July 31 - Tyler, TX - 11:00AM - Landmark Baptist Church
August 7 - Afton Grove, TX - 11:00AM - Afton Grove Baptist Church
August 14 - Diboll, TX - Prison Concert
August 21 - Jacksonville, TX - 10:30AM - The People's Church (Gospel Tones Concert)
August 21 - Sacul, TX - 7:00PM - New Faith Church (Gospel Tones Concert)
September 2 - Canton, TX - 10:00AM-6:00PM - The Canton Marketplace (indoors)
September 3 - Canton, TX - 10:00AM-6:00PM - The Canton Marketplace (indoors)
September 4 - Canton, TX - 10:00AM-6:00PM - The Canton Marketplace (indoors)
September 16 - , AR - (Gospel Tones Concert)
September 17 - , AR - (Gospel Tones Concert)
September 18 - , AR - (Gospel Tones Concert)
September 18 - , AR - (Gospel Tones Concert)
HERE for complete details!

"Walk Through The Pages" Update
Many have asked when we are going to get some of these new songs that I've been doing at concerts on CD! Well, there is no scheduled time to start yet, but there is hope that we will be in full swing in the next few months. I have always maintained that MPM would never go into debt to do what God called us to do. When the funding is there, that will be God's 'go ahead' to us. We do have a promotional package that helps us and that I believe you will throughly enjoy. Through it you can be an integral part of bringing this project to life!
Check it out

"I'm Going Through, Jesus" Goes Up…
My newest radio single entered the charts at #94 after only being released for a short time and moved up 51 places to #43 for July. It is not common knowledge yet since the magazine is still in print, but I found out recently that it has already moved to #12 for the month of August!
In addition to that, the chart that has been reporting all of my radio releases progress will now be listed on the Cashbox Magazine's website! They will only feature the Top 20, but for those of you who know the classic magazine, it's a great addition to the promotion of Country Gospel Music.
View Cashbox Chart

Voice/Piano Lessons
I have been blown away by the response to take part in our voice and piano tutoring! Martha and I are both teaching several students every week and imparting knowledge of the arts and what God ask of them. With students being added every week, we are excited to see what God does with this outreach.
We'd love to be able to work with you, your kid, grandkids, or church soloist, regardless of age, experience, or background, we have something for everyone!
Get the details

Signing Off…
Has anyone noticed that everyone's getting in an uproar over our country raising the debt ceiling? I don't even watch the news and I still hear plenty about it. For the purpose and intent of this newsletter, I'm not going to get political…such a dirty and unpleasant business. Everyone believes something different about the issue and there are many ways to look at it. You can probably guess my outlook on the matter by my beliefs expressed in the "'Walk Through The Pages' Update" above.
However, the debate got me to thinking about the need for me to raise the debt ceiling in my own life. I am so incredibly in debt that I will never get out, and yet the things that I am gaining are still accruing with breakneck speeds. I am more and more indebted to my financier every day. My ceiling HAS to be raised because I'm running out of room.
God has so blessed, not just MPM, but me, myself, mine, I, us, what pertains to my life. I find myself reeling from past blessings and only gain my focus long enough to find another one on its way to slap me upside the head. In love, in friends, in family, in joy, in fulfillment, my holdings are compounding exponentially. If it wasn't for my Heavenly Father managing my affairs, I'm quite sure that I would have lost all that I had to investment long ago. I just don't have a mind for longterm planning like He does. Then I remember how He kept Noah's stock afloat while everyone else was in liquidation (feel free to groan at this point).
I would encourage you all to take stock of what you have in your possession and first of all, be thankful for what you have been lent in this life. It's borrowed, merely given to you to live and to do what you are called to do. If you don't believe me, just read Ecclesiastes. Solomon had a pretty dark outlook on "chasing after the wind" of this world. It really is meaningless as opposed to the riches of grace, mercy, joy, and love that we have been given.
Second of all, I would ask that if, when you evaluate your life, you find it short of some joys or some needs, that you consider letting the Master Financier reinvest your part in a different way. You see, He only works with the entire sum…you have to hand it all over to Him. It's all His anyway.

Happy investing!

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