MPM Summer 2008 Newsletter

Hello Everyone!
It has been a busy month, but there have been blessing around every corner. Even as busy as I may be, I never want to forget to thank God for His goodness. There are always plenty of stresses to contend with, but He is there through it all and His Grace is sufficient for me.

Of course, a highlight of my whole year is when mid-July rolls around and I get to return to Nashville, TN for Ben Speer's Stamps-Baxter School of Music. We had such a wonderful time there. It's always extremely fast paced, but the Spirit of the Lord was so sweet in the times of worship and the feeling of family was stronger than ever. I have added a selection of photos from those two weeks to the gallery page.

Last year we had a concert to raise money for the scholarship fund and it went very well, so this year we did the same, except we had it at a different venue. It was at River of Life Church in Smyrna, TN and it is pastored by Johnny Minick. It was a privilege to share the stage with many of my friends once again. It was very successful and we are hoping for bigger and better things next year.

One of the things that the school had the opportunity to do this year was to go and sing at Grace Church of The Nazarene in Nashville on the middle weekend. The church really went out of their way to accommodate everyone and we had a great time of praise. It was a day full of surprises to say the least.

After we wrapped up thing in Nashville, it was time to head to Indiana and do a couple of concerts before going home. We returned to Bloomfield First Baptist Church for the second year in a row and were met with true Hoosier hospitality. Special thanks to Bill and Deborah Hudson for opening that door to come back and worship with them.

We are glad to finally make it home, but it is sad to leave old friends and the new ones behind til next year. Altogether we logged about 2350+ miles. We're enjoying settling back into our familiar zone, but looking forward to where God sends us next.
One more thing to mention...I have added a page to the website that gives details about private voice lessons. I have had this one my heart for some time now and I am excited to start passing on these skills to other believers who are called to sing the Gospel. If you have any questions, just contact me at or call 903-721-4044.

Until next time, may God bless you as you serve Him. I covet your prayers and support and hope to see you soon in concert.

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