MPM Spring 2011 Newsletter

Hello Everyone!
For those of you who have asked; married life is great and we are in the process of settling into our new home. God has been so good to us over the last few months! It's hard to express our deep sense of gratitude and awe at the people that have given of their time and energy to help make our new life more pleasant. There is so much happening here at Miles Pike Music that we are just trying to keep up. Here's just a few things that I want to mention in this Spring edition of our newsletter…

There are just three days left to vote for me in the Country Gospel Music Fan Awards and the Southern Gospel Music Fan Awards. In this last round of voting, it's more important than ever to make your vote count. If you haven't voted yet, please don't put it off. I've made it as easy as possible on my website. I'm in the Top Five nominations for "Male Horizon", "Favorite Crossover", and "Young Excelling Individual".
Just click
HERE and take a moment to cast your vote now!

We're Picking Songs!
Right now, we are in the process of picking out songs to go on this next CD project, "Walk Through The Pages" and I'll be meeting with my producer, Tommy Cooper, in Nashville in a few weeks to narrow down our selection. It'll be several weeks after that before we can actually get the ball rolling on the recording process, but I'm trying to get it to where when we are ready to go, it's "shovel ready".

I promised God, my family, and myself, that I would never go into debt to do what God called me to do. If the money is not there, then it must not be the Lord's time yet. I have always depended on God, through His people to provide the means to carry out His Work. The numbers of doors that we are seeing open is ever increasing and the need for a new CD project is becoming apparent.

We got to thinking as we came up to homecoming time that we wanted to give you all the opportunity to have a tangible part in creating this project and so we began to consider how you could do that. After much prayer and thought, this is one way you can contribute to this ministry and help us with this next CD in the process.

Bronze Club
$10 - A free digital download of the album, when it's released.
$25 - An advance copy of the CD, weeks before the masses.
$50 - An advance copy and a "Thank You" on the CD.
$100 - All the above, plus autographed copies of all my current projects, and an autographed picture of me that is guaranteed to keep varmints out of your garden
$250 - All the above, plus a signed tracking sheet of my past #1 song, "Jesus Savior, Pilot Me" and another tracking sheet of your choice when the project is finished. PLUS an optional picture of me kissing your cheek.

Silver Club
$500 - All of the above, PLUS, I dedicate a song to you on my CD.
$750 - Exactly like the previous level, but you give me more money.
$1,000 - All of the above and you are mentioned as an executive producer of the album!

Gold Club
$2,500 - My wife and I come and spend the weekend with you. Cook your meals, make your beds, scrub the toilet, play with the kids, build a chicken coop, sit around the piano and sing, talk politics, or just visit. You have our full attention.
$5,000 - I will come and do a concert for you...ANYWHERE. Invite your friends, treat your church to a special event, have me sing on the hearth in your living room to just you, just bring me out and I sing. Period. Theoretically, this level is a smart choice economically. You could charge your guests and make your money back.
$10,000 - You get to come and sing on my CD. Don't worry if you can't sing. We'll work it out.
$100,000 - You get all of the above, PLUS if you ever need a kidney, you can have the bass singer's from The Gospel Tones.
$500,000 - ALL of the above, get...ME! 8AM-5PM... for a month! My wife wants you to take this one.

Obviously, not everyone can afford the "Gold Club", but I believe there is something for everyone that is interested in supporting our endeavors. A great part for many people is that since MPM is a full-time ministry, we supply all those who make donations with a tax receipt.

To see how to make your donations quickly, easily, and securely, click

Upcoming Concerts
Complete details
03/27/11 - 6:00PM - Troup, TX - Henry's Chapel Methodist Church

04/05/11 - 6:00PM - Bullard, TX - First Baptist Church

04/15/11 - 6:00PM - Tyler, TX - Westwood Baptist Church - Concert with Triumphant Quartet

04/22/11 - 3:00PM - Tyler, TX - The Hamptons - Good Friday Service

04/24/11 - 10:30AM - Palestine, TX - Palestine Church of The Nazarene - Easter Service

04/28/11 - 04/30/11 - Pigeon Forge, TN - Smokey Mountain Convention Center - Country Gospel Music Fanfest

04/30/11 - Pigeon Forge, TN - Smokey Mountain Convention Center - Country Gospel Music Fan Awards Show

05/02/11 - 05/07/11 - Pigeon Forge, TN - Smokey Mountain Convention Center - Southern Gospel Music Fanfair

05/05/11 - Pigeon Forge, TN - Smokey Mountain Convention Center - Southern Gospel Music Fan Awards Show

05/07/11 - 1:00PM - Pigeon Forge, TN - A Heart Connection - Battle of the Bandz

05/14/11 - 7:00PM - Tyler, TX - Landmark Baptist Church - Concert with Terry Davis

05/15/11 - Diboll, TX - Prison Concert
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Homecoming Update...
We had such a great time with all of God's people that showed up on March 12th! I have a passion for bringing churches and folks from all backgrounds together to worship. It's so important to lay aside the differences that we have and focus on what we have in common. We have Christ in common and that's what matters. Should how much water we use to baptize someone mean that we can't come together in harmony and worship the God who not only saved their soul, but made the water that we are fighting over?

The crowd was sincere in their praise and full of smiles as always at this event. More people came out this year than ever before despite other attractions going on in town and even though this year's concert fell on Daylight Savings Time. The Gospel Tones were featured once again and as always, we had a blast harmonizing with friends.

I've built a new photo gallery for my annual homecoming concert so you can see what all went on there. There are more pictures that will soon be up, but there are already several that you can go have a look at now right
HERE. Plus, go ahead and mark your calendars since we are holding March 3, 2012 for my Fifth Annual Homecoming! I'll be adding details as I have them.

Third Radio Release
After God blessed with two #1 songs in 2010, it's a daunting task to come up with which song to follow it up with, but after much prayer and consideration, the first radio single for 2011 will be, "I'm Going Through, Jesus". I feel that there is no song that I currently have recorded that speaks more to the time that we live in.

"Many have started to run in this race, but with our Redeemer, they would not keep the pace..."

Most things in the headlines, on the news, and on the lips of the local gossip tell us that we cannot make it and that what we believe and hold to are things of the past. Anti-Christian sentiments pervade the heart of this country, politicians pass laws that are not in the heritage of this country, wars on multiple fronts throughout the world, record breaking earthquakes, the grim rise in the cost of living, and historical, life changing moments shake us to the core.

"And many accepted because it was new, but not very many seemed bound to go through..."

But I have a hope beyond what I can see and that is what gives me the reason to go on in victory despite the situation of the globe. I know that all of this was prophesied and foreseen by an omnipotent Creator. I know that a nation cannot be Christian, but it's people that are Christian. I know that the hearts of the rulers are in the hands of my King of Kings. I know that there's no power in this earth that can touch me unless He wills it. And I know that come what may, I have never seen the righteous forsaken or God's kids begging for bread.

"I'm going through! I'm going through! I'll pay the price whatever others do. I'll take this way with my Lord's despised few..."

The Church is always at its best when its facing hard times. Time and again, emperors have tried to destroy it, laws made by evil men have mashed it into the dust, and so many millions have stood against it with all the fury hell could muster, but this Church of the Living God still stands in strength! It's in the flames of persecution that God chooses to call out His brightest and best; those who have not been corrupted by the muck and mire of this present world and have been cleansed, ready for battle and service.

"I've started in Jesus and I'm going through..."

This song encourages me every night that I sing it to strive to be trustworthy to God and to be a son that He can be proud of; I hope it does the same for you. As you live day to day, prepare to be a blessing. Live your life self sufficient, debt free, relying on God, shedding the past and that which does not matter to eternity.

God bless you all and I hope to see you soon at one of my 2011 concerts!

In Him,

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