MPM Fall 2009 Newsletter

    Hello Everyone!
   I trust that you had a pleasant Thanksgiving holiday. It was quite hectic for us amidst preparing to eat, eating, then eating some more, plus having concerts all that weekend. Both were with The Gospel Tones Quartet in Louisiana. We had a great response and were invited back next year. To see photos from those events, click HERE.
   Also, Gospel Tones is very excited to unveil our brand new website,! It's still under construction and more will be added soon, so check back to keep up with where we're going to be in concert. Let me know what you think about GTQ's home on the web.
   Earlier this month we also had an incredible prison revival along with Ben Waites, the lead singer for Gospel Tones. He's a dear friend and it was great to have him along side me when ministering to these guys in search of an answer. We had an average of 350 inmates in attendance and had dozens commit their lives to Christ, many for the first time! All praise be to Jesus Christ!
   That same weekend we had the opportunity to share with the people of Palestine Church of The Nazarene for their annual homecoming celebration. I sang a morning concert and then GTQ handled the music in the evening, which was hard to do since we had eaten some good homecooking just an hour before. Click HERE for the photo gallery.

   Let Miles play Santa and assist you this Christmas holiday! This package deal makes the perfect stocking stuffer for the Gospel Music lover on your Christmas list. It's also a great witnessing tool. 10 CDs for $100! This offer is only good through December 18th, so place your order today and you SAVE $50! Click HERE to order now.
   Upcoming Concerts:
12/05/09 - The People Church with Broken Vessels @ 7:00pm
12/06/09 - Pierces Chapel Assembly of God @ 11:00am
12/06/09 - Diboll Maximum Security Prison with Broken Vessels
Christmas Break
01/09/09 - TBA
01/31/09 - Neches First Baptist @ 6:00pm
For the complete concert schedule, visit or

   During this festive time of the year, I thought I might share some fond moments of myself applying the final touches to the Christms lights. Who knew the one time they called for frost, it would actually happen?
   This being Christmas, I can’t help but imagine, fifty or sixty years ago, when the children of this family and thousands of others, would receive things under the Christmas tree that most children today would throw back. When money was scarce, you’d receive things you needed at Christmas, like clothes, shoes, or something like a sack of fruit.
   Today, it has become a competition to see who can outspend the other, who can raise the bar higher and make the biggest impression. Thus the season is lost in the stress of high expectations and the rest of the year is often complicated by debt accumulated over the short holiday.
   As most of us are blessed beyond the wildest dreams of people outside of the United States of America, I can’t help but imagine how God must feel. He prepared a gift and it was laid before mankind; sadly most declined. It was not a pleasant thing to look upon and man was content to remain as he was, lost in self and bound to the curse of forever searching and never obtaining.
   Still, the gift was laid in a manger and opened on Calvary and the blood that we did not think we wanted, but the blood that we needed was placed at the foot of the tree. Little did we know that such an act of brutality, of merciless inhumanity, would be the key to open the very gates of Heaven for us!
   As we go through the pile of presents, wrapped so beautifully under our Christmas trees, let us never forget the gift that we didn’t think we wanted, that was at the foot of the first Christmas tree. Without the shedding of blood, there is no remission of sins. Although we celebrate the birth of the Christ, he was born to die and so Christmas led to the cross, and the cross led to the opportunity of salvation for all! That is why we celebrate peace coming to earth and joy that can be obtained by everyone who ask.
   From my family to your's, may you have a truly blessed holiday season with family and friends close by. God has been so gracious to Miles Pike Music so far this year and next year is showing to be even bigger. Thanks for your love, prayers, and financial support of this ministry. If you would be interested in making a tax-deductable contribution to MPM, please CLICK for all the details.

P.S. - Mark your calendars early for March 13th, 2010! It will be Miles Pike Music's Third Annual Homecoming Concert with Allison Durham Speer and The Gospel Tones Quartet! More details will be in the next newsletter.

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