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Artist Name
: Miles Pike
I am a new Southern Gospel music artist from Jacksonville, Texas and president of Miles Pike Music; a multifunctional, non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization. I am heavily involved in concert presentations and other facets of ministry in churches, prisons, and many other venues. I seek to encourage and unify the Body of Christ through honest testimony, heartfelt lyrics, and powerful vocals.


1.      Please tell us the name of your latest recording and your favorite song from that CD. What is the message behind this song?
My newest CD is titled "Timeless Songs: For Times Like These" and it is a collection of my favorite hymns and classics with a whole new approach from my heart. After I got through choosing the song selection, I realized there was a common thread throughout. That thread is best expressed in one of the songs I've been doing every concert, "I'm Going Through". My desire is to see the Church rise to the occasion in these last days. This is a song, and a project of edification for God's People.

2.      What is one highlight from the last 12 months?
God blessed my socks off when He saw fit to bless me with my first #1 song in The Christian Voice Magazine's March issue! "Jesus Savior, Pilot Me" is the song and it is my introductory radio release to the nation. What a tremendous blessing to receive such a warm welcome from the fans and DJs in the Gospel Music field.

3.      Where is your favorite place to eat on the road?
My goodness, there have been so many different places that have made my tongue slap my brains out! I have never wanted for good dining when God's people provide. It's hard to beat the hole in the wall joints in the middle of nowhere. They'll surprise you! A few favs would be the buffet at Casey Jone's Village in Jackson, TN, Brown's 100 FOOT BUFFET in Benton, AR and Stoll's Amish Restaurant in Linton, IN.

4.      What is the best city to visit in the US? And…if you’ve been…in Canada? Overseas?
I am such a country boy, so I just visit the city to sing, record, and visit friends. I'd have to say wherever my best friends are is where I want to be.

5.      Have you been on a mission trip? If you have, where did you go? If you haven’t, would you like to and where would you want to go?
I have been on a mission trip to Mexico before and am planning a trip to sing in South Africa.

6.      What is your favorite vacation destination? Favorite vacation activity?
I had the privilege of traveling to The Holy Land on two separate occasions and to say it changed my life would be a gross understatement! During both trips, some of the most special moments were when I had the opportunity to sing at seven different locations, including The Upper Room, The Garden Tomb, and The Mount of Olives overlooking the Holy City. What memories!

7.      How much time do you spend daily on the Net? Favorite website?
I am a Facebook junkie and check it often! I admit it. I don't play around on it, but it's the only way I am able to keep up with my friends all over the country. Even though I'm nearly blind, I also maintain my own website with my MacBook Pro. Without having it and the ability to enlarge the fonts, it would be impossible with my vision. Check it out at and I love to hear from people like you. I have some free music downloads for members and much, much more!

8.      What artist are you listening to right now? Who is in your player?
I've been going back lately and listening to a bunch of The Cathedrals oldies.

9.      What are your thoughts on Spam (the product, not the email)?
I have never had Spam, but treat it just about like the "spam" emails...I don't open it.

10.     Brush with greatness…who have you met that you couldn’t wait to tell your friends and family about?
As a child, I was sitting in the spillover section of a Cathedral's concert in Tyler, Texas and George Younce singled me out and sang "The Laughing Song". It made me feel so special. There have been a few Gospel music greats who passed on and I cried and felt the loss for days. George Younce was one...

11.     If you could visit any planet, which one would it be and why?
Some people say I haven't been to Earth yet.

12.     What would be your fantasy venue, the one stage in the world where you would like to sing?
I'm really just about as home on one stage as the next. I know that the door opening means that there is someone in need who God wants to lift up. Whether it be Carnegie Hall or the Ebenezer Fellowship Non-Denominational Bapticostal Freewill Church, I'm just at home with God's folks.

13.     Who is your favorite Christian author/teacher/evangelist?
Love C.S. Lewis' writings and love John MacArthur's teaching.

14.     What is one habit you would like to break?
Watching "SpongeBob Squarepants" on occasion. It even disturbs me that I get entertainment from any such thing.

15.     Who is your most favorite Bible person/character?
Lately, I've been reading and thinking about Hosea, but I love Paul's writings to the Church.

16.     What is your favorite Bible verse?
My favorite verse changes all the time depending on what I'm going through at the time. Right now Matthew 6:33 is hitting home for me. No matter what I may be worrying about, just seek God and His will and everything that I need will not only come to me, but in the right timing.

17.     Name a song that once it gets stuck in your head you can’t get it out.
"I Never Shall Forget The Day"

18.     Where do you like to shop?
GW Boutique (Goodwill) and thrift stores all the way!

19.     Name a character trait or fruit of the spirit you would really like to develop in your life.
I would have to say that an extra dose of agape love never hurt anybody. If we love God and man as we should, then treating them right just comes natural. Jesus wasn't wasting time when He said, "The greatest of these is love."

20.     What is the last book you read?
As I mentioned, I am legally blind from birth, but can see just enough that people can't usually notice it. Because of that, audio books are my friend. Glenn Beck's, "Arguing With Idiots" and C.S. Lewis', "Chronicles of Narnia" are my most recent reads.

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