Blood Kin
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These are snippets from David Bruce Murray's album review.

"The excellent song selection is made even better by the consistent theme of family in the lyrics."

" of the more enjoyable songs is his “Tell Me How To Get There.” The Cajun rhythm is infectious."

"Blood Kin is a strong effort from Miles Pike with the bonus of good songwriting, vocals and production quality."

CD Synopsis

"Blood kin" is a term most often associated with immediate family: those who share relatives, background, physical features, and in many cases memories. Our Heavenly Father established earthly family both as a gift of grace and as a picture of the family that shares more than genes. Deeper than bloodlines and the deeper than earthly inheritances is the kinship that finds its roots in the love expressed by our Creator on the cross. Ours is a priceless legacy of forgiveness and mercy through the blood shed by Jesus Christ. Those that believe in Him have been adopted as the very sons and daughters of God Almighty. We who were once strangers and foreigners in this Kingdom are now blood kin and a way that goes far beyond earthly kinship.

This recording is for the believer: the redeemed and accepted into the family of God. Regardless of religious upbringing or denominational background, my hope is that this disc has found its way into the hands of someone who will be challenged to be a more godly and more stable member of the family. In doing so, I pray that you will love others into this adopted household. It does not matter whether you are a new believer or a longtime member of this ageless clan of Christians. All need to hear and remember that we are not alone and we in turn cannot leave others alone. We are our brothers keeper. We are to love, first, foremost, and never ceasing. No excuses as to why we don't and no reasoning away whether we must. Love is the sign of a true believer. If we say we love God and do not love our blood kin, we lie.

At the heart of this musical endeavor is a small tribute to those who have demonstrated real love and real faith to me most: my parents, my spouse, my family, and my dear friends who have all been part of my life in a big way. I believe that after listening to this linear lyric about the common vein of divine love that the body of Christ shares, you'll find that my story is your story, and our story is His story.

Song List

  1. Why Can't All God's Children Get Along
  2. The Church Homecoming
  3. October Harvest - #2 SONG
  4. I Made Time For You - #1 SONG
  5. Tell Me How To Get There
  6. Real Faith
  7. Redemption Complete
  8. It Takes Faith
  9. One
  10. That's What I Call Love
  11. Safe In Daddy's Hands
  12. I Can See Through You
  13. Ever New, But Never Changing
  14. His Blood Has Made Us One
  15. Why Can't All God's Children Get Along (Reprise)
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