Timeless Songs: For Times Like These
  • Timeless Songs: For Times Like These
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Featuring three #1 songs this is one of the most popular CDs Miles has produced.

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"A youthful, new approach to some classic songs, that will speak to the times that we live in."

CD Synopsis

I want to thank my Savior and best friend, Jesus Christ, for the joy I have while singing and hearing the songs. Without the peace, hope, and freedom he bought for me, they would just be dead words set to music.

My prayer is that the songs on this project will make he remember days when songs were simple, yet profound; encouraging, yet admonishing; timely, yet everlasting. May their messages spur you on to hold fast to that which is true, keep sacred that which is holy, and find again the joy of your salvation. 2 Thessalonians 2:15


My parents have been my greatest supporters and continue to offer sound advice, godly examples, and most of all, their prayers. Special thanks to Dad for breathing some new thoughts and lyrics into this project.. For your willingness to give of your time and your love, I'm always grateful.

Thanks to my Christian brothers and sisters who have given of yourselves to help me fulfill your calling on my life.

Without the board members of Miles Pike Music, I wouldn't know what I was doing half the time. I'm so grateful to have you all in my life. Your wisdom is valuable, but your friendship is priceless!.

T.C..– What a trip! Thank you and Izzy for the home you provided during our stay.

It couldn't have been any better! Reggie, Ladye, and Brett, you all are awesome!

I was so nervous going into OmniSound Studio, but Gary and all the musicians involved made it so comfortable. Thanks for making this green country boy feel at home.

Song List

  1. Heavenly Parade
  2. Jesus Savior, Pilot Me - #1 SONG
  3. How Great Thou Art
  4. Amazing Grace
  5. It Is Well With My Soul
  6. The Old Account Was Settled Long Ago
  7. The Longer I Serve Him
  8. I'm Working On A Building
  9. I'm Going Through, Jesus  - #1 SONG
10. I'll See You In The Rapture - #1 SONG

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