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I believe it is the deepest need of the human heart to silence the cacophony that blankets our world: to see through lies and inconsistency, to find truth and faithfulness, and ultimately, to discover a moment of peace in which we can hear the still small voice of a living and loving God. I cannot claim that my world holds less din and discord than yours. I cannot claim my ear more keen, my eye more sharp, my understanding more discerning than yours. I can say that through the Blood of Jesus Christ and the forgiveness that He has provided for my sins, I have found some moments of peace and I have caught a few echoes of that Still Small Voice. Those moments of peace; those echoes of His verse, are special to me. It is my pleasure to share them with you through these few lines of poetry. I pray that in them you will find peace for a moment and that you will be blessed to hear the whispered Love of our Heavenly Father.

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