13th Annual Homecoming Concert

Please help us get the word out about this event! USE THIS PHOTO as the cover photo on your Facebook profile or REQUEST flyers/slides for your church. 

TENOR - Me! I’m the handsome one. 

LEAD - Ben Waites. Ben and I have spent more hours together than I can count, and anyone who has seen him before knows he is a bundle of excitement and encouragement. Ben has been singing full time and has become a vocal coach, background vocalist, and recent addition to the new Speer Family Quartet featuring heirs of the Speer legacy. 

BARITONE - Nick Bergeron. The joke about Nick has always been that he’s ADD/ADHD/ABCDEFG. I can’t imagine a more solid baritone and vocalist. You can always count on him to be on his part and tell you what’s wrong with your part. Nick is busy producing music and serving as music minister in his local church. 

BASS - Jordan James. I’ll never forget the first words the fifteen year old Jordan James rumbled to me… “I hate you.” Come to homecoming for the story. Jordan is a veritable renaissance man - playing piano, singing in a local contemporary band, leading worship at his church, teaching drama, getting his Master’s, even touring with the Dixie Echoes for a year, booming out some bass in front of 20,000 people at NQC. 

There have only been a couple of occasions in the past 9 years when we were all together, so this will be a joyful reunion indeed. Mark your calendars for my 13th Annual Homecoming Concert on March 14, 2020, 5PM at First Baptist Church in Troup, TX

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