And now we nap...

As of 9:14 p.m. on March 4, 2017 the DVD/CD recording of the 10th Annual Homecoming Concert is complete and we heave a sigh of relieve. Live can now go back to a somewhat normal pace. Now we begin the postproduction process amid all our upcoming concerts.
I have been spending the last few days recovering and napping...several naps as a matter of fact, but two years of thinking and planning is now over. The 10th Annual Homecoming recording was busy, stressful, and I had to wear makeup, but we got past it. 
There's no way Martha and I could begin to start thanking everyone individually for the help provided in making this happen or we would certainly forget a name. God answered prayers and we are truly grateful to Him for all the wonderful people He has put in our path. 
Now we begin touring again and heading into the postproduction process. We hope to have a product available in the next few months. 
To all of you who were there, all who wanted to be there, and all who prayed for those who were taking part, we appreciate your kindness over the last ten years.
Keep posted for updates!

Miles & Mar

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